• Date: Mid-June through August 31, 2023

Miscellaneous photos from the cell phone and camera



The old Kemp's store in Gainesville.  It's now an appliance store.


The Nicom NT-1000 transmitter from Central Florida that I salvaged and my buddy Jim repair.


The encryption module from a Motorola XTS-5000 handheld radio.  I still haven't figured out how to program these, but it's on my list.


My cousin Emily's wedding


Rain as seen from my shed.


My real estate attorney's table of trophies.


The 2nd Chapter of Acts album "With Footnotes".  I ripped it and sent it to Chuck.


Millie on the trip home from the veterinarian.


An owl at Joe's house.


Haocheng with Chili.


Radios at The Crow's Nest at Sandy Creek Park in Athens.


Paul and Haocheng with Fred Moorman.


A bunch of HVAC filters for rental properties from Tribbles in Athens.


The Colbert, GA water tower as seen from the Independence Day parade.


A big fan for my patio from Home Depot.


Taking the Cherokee through the car wash.


Band performing at Cracker's restaurant in Crystal River.  I went to the family condo with Joe.


The dock at the Crystal River condo.


Haocheng and Mabel


Mike Hill recording a public service announcement for the Athens Kiwanis 2023 Birchmore Race on Bulldog 93.3 (WPLP-LP Athens).


Battery replacement on the 2006 Honda CR-V at the Walmart on Epps Bridge Road in Athens.


Paul and Daisy


The remains of The Fudgery in Gainesville.


Haocheng's broken Hydrapeak flask.  They have a lifetime guarantee.  We filed for a replacement top online but we never heard any response back from the company.


Wrangling at Jeff's house


12-bay FM antenna for WJMZ-FM


Haocheng and Millie