• Date: Feb 2024 -- May 2024

It's been approximately three months since I have had an opportunity to post a gallery of uncategorized photos.  These snaps are from the DSLR, my cell phone camera, and there is even a drone photo or two.


I didn't even intend to include this photo in the gallery.  It's a portrait-orientation shot, so it doesn't play well on the website.  Also, the dog should be in focus - not the radio.  KD4CED is a 2 meter amateur radio repeater in Cashiers, North Carolina.


The plaque at the Fred Building in downtown Athens, Georgia.


Many deer at Joe's house.


A Kenwood TH-K20 2-meter mono-band transceiver that I bought at the Orlando Hamfest.  One of many 2m portable radios in my growing collection.  lol


Millie and Mabel next to the box containing the OMB MP FM broadcast antenna tuned to 104.1.  This will be used for WDOL-LP Athens.


Haocheng with Mabel and Millie.




The assembled OMB MP antenna on my back patio - tuned to 104.1.


My unsuccessful attempts to re-tune said antenna.  I sent it back to the manufacturer for this job.




Lunch with Joe and Tom on February 15, 2024 before dropping Tom off at the airport.


Bubble Cafe in downtown Athens, Georgia.  Haocheng and I were there on a date on February 19, 2024.


February 20, 2024.  Assembling the crib for Carol Ann given to us by Ralph and Sarah NeSmith. 


Rearranging the baby room


David's Buddipole Powermini2.  We were on the Sarah's Creek forest service road in the Warwoman area of Rabun County.




Buying a car seat, stroller, and baby carrier at the Target in Athens on February 27, 2024.  Joe Silva is with us.  We ended up buying the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System.


Girl Scout Thin Mints pancakes at iHop on Baxter Street in Athens, GA with Joe Silva.  I imaging that without the "Thin Mints" marketing, these pancakes would probably not sell well.  Nobody wants to eat Green Eggs and Ham - but everybody wants Girl Scout Thin Mints.

As an Eagle Scout, I am really sorry that the Boy Scouts of America bent the knee to political pressure by allowing girls into the organization.  I was opposed to this, and I had nothing to do with it.  Honestly, there is a real war on any male spaces.  It's unfortunate.


New computer monitors in my office.  Jeff Dantre is shown in a Facetime call on the old iPad. 


March 4, 2024.  Millie on a dog bed in the shed.  This was a new dog bed at the time, but I ended up returning it to Costco since there were sections that were not washable.  I had two of these , and the two beds I replaced them with are huge.




Jefferson Road in Athens, GA as seen from Whitehead Road.


This tree limb nearly took out my fence and my amateur Radio HF antenna long wire.  Notice how the fork in the branch is strattling the wire.  Incredible.




Daisy and me.




March 8, 2024.  My mom and Haocheng rearranging the baby room before Carol Ann's birth on March 17.


Haocheng's attempts to rotate the breach baby.  The baby was successfully rotated.




Three dogs in my office on March 9, 2024


Testing WDOL-LP 104.1 FM at Sandy Creek Park on March 10, 2024.




Boxes of boba tea ingredients on the floor at Bubble Cafe in Downtown Athens, Georgia.  March 10, 2024.


WMSL Antenna. 88.9FM in Athens, Georgia.




The new car seat installed as seen on March 15, 2024.  Carol Ann was born two days later.




Haocheng and Carol Ann on March 27, 2024.


Joe's new hot tub installation on March 29, 2024.




Tom and Joe cutting the smoked meat at River's birthday celebration.




Paula painting faces at River's birthday party.


Three dogs on my covered patio


Daisy barking at the drone that is filming her.


The Putting Green party pad.




Haocheng and me at Paris Bahn Mi - our new bubble tea destination.  We like this place better than Bubble Cafe because it's less crowded, the drinks taste better, and the employees are very friendly.


We met Tao and baby Mary there on April 4, 2024.


A random to-do list from April 4, 2024.


Daisy peeking over my fence.




Carol Ann and Mabel on the dog bed on April 11, 2024.


Photographing this tower in Maysville, Georgia (?) on April 13, 2024 while on the way to drive at Sarah's Creek in Rabun County.  I would love to use space on this facility.


Chinese pickup order for Tom, Joe, and Joey on April 18, 2024.  This was my dad's birthday.  He would have been 74 years old.




Joey and Joe with their grandson, Bump.


Photos from Carla's Brian's, and Gabriel's visit to Athens in late-April 2024.




Gabriel, Carol Ann, and Haocheng.




Luca (Ralph NeSmith's dog), and Carol Ann at my businnes advisory meeting with Ralph at his home in Jefferson, Georgia on May 1, 2024.


Haocheng with Carol Ann in the kitchen on May 5, 2024.




May 9, 2024.  Daisy at the dinner table.  She thinks that she's a human.  Haocheng and I were keeping her for a few days so that Joe and Joey could visit family in Florida.


The back of the WPLP-LP transmitter, backup transmitter, and Studio Transmitter Link Receiver.  Located atop the Fred Building in Downtown Athens, Georgia on May 9, 2024.


A view of the new Georgia Power (Southern Company) self-supporting radio tower off of Dairy Pak Road as observer from the roof of the Fred Building on May 9, 2024.


WPLP-LP Transmitter antenna.




Plotter that Ron donated to Free IT Athens.  Ron was not able to make this printer print correctly, and neither could Shawn at Free IT Athens.