• Date: 2024-04-13

A big day in Rabun Country, and Carol Ann's first visit to North Georgia.

  • We met David's and Heath's families at a local park in Tiger, GA
  • Haocheng, Carol Ann, and I drove the forest service roads at Sarah's Creek (Warwoman Wildlife Management Area)
  • We met the families for dinner.

We left Athens at 8:45am, and we returned home at 10:30pm.










A house in the distance viewable from the park.




The Playground


Once we left the park, Haocheng, Carol Ann, and I went to Sarah's Creek.  This water was very hold, but I fully immersed myself.


Lunch wraps that Haocheng prepared


Carol Ann and Haocheng


While we planned to drive to the top, there was a tree down in the roadway near the top that prevented this.




View of the 2019 Wrangler from the vantage of the downed tree.


Posing at Warwoman Dell.  This photo shows Carol Ann, the new addition to our family.